Strategic and Business Planning

Leading and managing a law firm in the 21st century is not for the faint hearted! Globalisation, challenging economic conditions and increased access to information have changed how, where, where, and by whom legal services are delivered. Clients are demanding more for less. Legal Process Outsourcers and a whole range of other professionals are now doing what lawyers once did. Law firms are increasingly being challenged on the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of their practices. What got your firm here, may not be what gets it there!

My work with law firms focusses on supporting leadership and management in identifying where their law firms are today, where they want them to be and how they will get there. While this involves strategic and business planning at the outset, it is also intricately tied to building the pipeline of talent to bring these plans to fruition, and leading a change process along the way – we work together on achieving practice innovation through talent management.

Whether it is finding a new direction for your firm, enhancing what you do now, developing new leadership and management skills, learning or enhancing how to engage employees in a multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary workplace, and aligning all that you do with client needs and expectations, as the services articulated below suggest, I would welcome the opportunity to work with your firm.


Services Include:


  • Facilitation of strategic and business planning sessions for management, practice groups and support/administration departments
  • Design, customization and implementation of organizational, group and individual change and transition processes
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis
  • Client surveys and focus groups
  • Employee satisfaction surveys and focus groups
  • Leadership skills gap analysis Creating opportunities for innovation

Learning Programs

  • How to run and effective and efficient law firm – business basics 101
  • Creating a culture of change and innovation
  • Cultural competency and international business etiquette
  • Partner orientation and on-boarding programs
  • Lateral orientation and on-boarding programs
  • Strategic and business planning “how to do” train the trainers programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Leading, managing and navigating change  and innovation programs


  • Coaching law firm leaders and managers in navigating change and innovation
  • Coaching law firm leaders and managers in strategic and business planning
  • Coaching law firm leaders and managers in giving and receiving feedback
  • Coaching law firm leaders and managers in people management
  • Coaching associates in career planning
  • Coaching partners and associates on preparing and navigating international secondments