About Terri Mottershead

Terri Mottershead is the founding Principal of Mottershead Consulting. She brings more than 30 years of experience in international law practice, legal institution building, talent management, organizational development, stakeholder engagement and consensus building, consulting, legal education and management training to her consulting work. Terri has worked internationally in-house in attorney talent management, practiced law in Australia and Hong Kong, and was a law school academic and consultant in Australia, Hong Kong and the U.S.

She has extensive experience working with senior management and law firm stakeholders in strategically aligning and successfully implementing talent management goals that support business performance goals. Terri has designed governance structures for, led and implemented talent functions and initiatives in, strategic planning; budgeting; staff selection, management and retention (including onboarding and secondments); ROI metrics; and organization change. Terri has also worked extensively in the areas of benchmarks and competencies; mentoring and coaching; feedback and performance evaluation; performance management; and career development.

Terri is frequently asked to present and consult nationally and internationally on all aspects of legal practice innovation through talent management. Terri also has extensive experience in the planning, preparation, design, delivery and evaluation of tailor made training courses for lawyers, in-house counsel, law firm clients, government, non-government and industry groups, academic institutions and Law Societies/Bar Associations. These courses variably focused on substantive law topics, legal skills and law firm management.

Terri is an award winning teacher. She has served on over 50 Board and Committees, delivered over 100 invited presentations in 20 different countries on 5 different continents. Terri has published more than 30 articles on substantive law, legal skills, the legal industry, and various aspects of law firm practice innovation, change management and talent management. She is General Editor of and a contributing author to The Art and Science of Strategic Talent Management In Law Firms (West, September 2010).

Terri holds a Bachelor of Laws (with honours) and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice both from the Queensland Institute of Technology in Australia; a Master of Laws from the University of Queensland in Australia; and a Master of Business Administration (with distinction) from the University of Wales. She is also MBTI (APT Qualifying Training Program, 22-24 & 27 October 2003), MBTI Step II EIR and FIRO-B accredited.

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