Services for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

So much change and so little time! The lament of almost every lawyer and legal professional today. But, despite all of this or perhaps because of it, it is important to take a little time to work out what you want from your career, what your clients need and how that all comes together at your firm. 

At Mottershead Consulting, we work with you to determine what you do well and find ways for you to do more of it. We provide lawyer learning programs that support career transition from entry level lawyer to partner and beyond. We provide learning programs for legal professionals that define and enhance career opportunities. And, if you encounter a few bumps along the way, through our executive coaching services, we help you determine which career path or paths are best for you and how to navigate any twists and turns for a smooth journey.

Services Include:

Learning Programs

  • How to run and effective and efficient law firm – business basics 101
  • How to conduct an effective performance review
  • Effective listening and giving feedback
  • How to identify, avoid and resolve conflict in the workplace
  • Working effectively in a multi-generational team
  • Working effectively in a multi-cultural team
  • Working effectively in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Working effectively with lawyers
  • Working effectively with professional staff
  • Presentation skills
  • Raising your professional profile inside and outside the firm
  • Individual career planning and plans
  • Leading change and innovation
  • Managing change and innovation
  • Navigating change and innovation
  • Cultural competency and international business etiquette
  • Preparing for international secondments


  • Coaching in law firm business basics 
  • Coaching in navigating change and innovation
  • Coaching in strategic and business planning
  • Coaching in giving and receiving feedback
  • Coaching in effective people management
  • Coaching in conflict identification, avoidance and resolution
  • Coaching in career planning and alternative career paths
  • Coaching on preparing and navigating international secondments