Practice Management & Leadership

Managing a law firm in the 21st century is not for the faint hearted! The emphasis and demand for effective and efficient law firm management has never been more pressing. My work in practice management and leadership is focused on supporting your firm in its local, national, regional and international strategic and business planning initiatives so you have defined and measurable goals and objectives. It also focuses on helping you articulate the skills needed and identifying leaders that will get you where you want to go today and tomorrow.


Services Include:


  • Facilitation of strategic and business planning sessions for management, practice groups and support/administration departments
  • Design, customization and implementation of organizational, group and individual change and transition processes
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis
  • Client surveys and focus groups
  • Employee satisfaction surveys and focus groups
  • Leadership skills gap analysis

Training Programs

  • Cultural competency and international business etiquette
  • Partner orientation and on-boarding programs
  • Lateral orientation and on-boarding programs
  • Strategic and business planning training programs
  • Leadership training programs
  • Leading change training programs
  • Managing and navigating change training programs
  • The business of law training programs
  • Project Management training programs


  • Coaching law firm leaders in strategic and business planning
  • Coaching law firm leaders in giving and receiving feedback
  • Coaching law firm leaders in people management
  • Coaching associates in career planning
  • Coaching partners and associates on preparing and navigating international secondments


“Terri is one of the legal market’s key voices in the fields of professional development, talent management and leadership. She has a deep understanding of law firms and how they function (and, dare I say, how they SHOULD function). In addition, Terri has been highly influential in the Professional Development Consortium as a member of its Board, and is widely respected by her colleagues across the globe.” — Amy Zinman, Director of Professional Development, Nixon Peabody LLP (San Francisco, CA)