Law School & Law Firms Skills Programs

The bridge between law school and law firm has always been important. It is even more important now with the increased emphasis on law students “hitting the ground running”. My work with law schools and law firms focuses on facilitating the sort of partnerships and discussions that bring about change. I also collaborate with law schools and law firms in designing and building the bridges that support new approaches, new teaching methodolgies, and new programs in skills training.


Services Include:


  • Facilitation of focus group meetings (inside the law school, firm and with clients), feedback analysis and reports on findings
  • Design, customization and implementation of organizational, group and individual change and transition processes
  • Design, customization, implementation and analysis of skills gaps
  • Design, customization and implementation of governance structures, staffing, budgeting, communication plans, marketing plans, and return on investment metrics for skills based academies, institutions, and curricula
  • Design, customization and implementation of market research and analysis for profession wide competencies
  • Design, customization and implementation of law school externship programs

Training Programs

  • New associate orientation programs
  • Lateral associate and partner orientation programs
  • New associate training academies (management, legal skills an substantive law topics)
  • Project management training
  • Law firm business basics training
  • Business negotiation training
  • Presentation skills training
  • Raising your professional profile training
  • Individual career plan training
  • Leading change training programs
  • Managing and navigating change training programs

“Terri brings a unique skills set and experience to her consultancy. She has been a highly successful practitioner, is an award winning academic, and combined those roles with a keen sense and understanding of the skills and talent required to lead and manage a law firm in her roles as Director of Professional Development. Even more impressive is that she has done this in more than one country. She has been asset as adjunct Faculty at the Law School at Santa Clara University, because of her ability to ‘bridge the gap’ between law school and law firms.”
— Sandra “Sandee” Magliozzi, Director, Professional Development and Externships Santa Clara University School of Law